Craig Vincent "Our Sister of Perpetual Deathrock" Original Sculpture (2020)

Craig Vincent "Our Sister of Perpetual Deathrock" Original Sculpture (2020)

Craig Vincent "Our Sister of Perpetual Deathrock" Handpainted Sculpture (2020)

Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 3"
Medium: Hand-Painted Plastic Statue

All Hail the Queen of Darkness, paler than death herself! Look into her cold, dead, seductive eyes. Raised Catholic, the artist was inspired by deathrock, goth and Mexican-American Cholo culture, presenting this sculpture as homage and empowerment to tattooed females.

Hand-painted with exquisite details from her eyeliner to mascara, traditional tattoos, black hearts and razorblades. Beneath her ebony painted toenails is a green serpent of temptation, full of envy slithering at her heavenly feet.

NOTE! Although we refer to this as a "toy," this is not for children as it is not tested and is likely poisonous for your child to put in their mouth. This is an art sculpture for adult collectors.

Craig Vincent is a multi-disciplinary, multi-format, multimedia artist with an inclination towards political, societal and personal empowerment narratives - illustrated through thought-provoking, explosively energetic punk rock aesthetics on collage, canvas, moving image (video), sculpture, graphic design, writing, installation and music.

Through managing record labels and tours for his seminal NJ hardcore punk band The Degenerics, Craig’s early introductions to art began from producing flyers, record inserts, posters, patches, stickers and other merchandise by methods of screen-printing and photo- manipulation. He then spent years of self-study into a multitude of artistic processes and mediums - establishing a refined style incorporating the raucous, vitality-filled rawness of punk art with powerfully persuasive graphic sensibilities.

Craig is the founding member of Destroy Art Inc and currently works on various public/personal art projects, commissions and paints from his home studio in Oakland, California.

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