DNGRCT Stickers - Variety Pack

DNGRCT Stickers - Variety Pack

As seen on the streets all over California and the USA! (also in the UK and SE-Asia)

Treat yourself to a wide variety of the latest stock of DNGRCT stickers, from one-of-a-kind handmade ones, to vinyl outdoor screen-printed stickers!!

DNGRCT suggests you put your cool new stickers on your original Teen Idols 7" and other collectable hardcore record covers, stick em on the windshield of cop cars (ACAB!) or put it in your collectible sticker collection - nerd! DNGRCT fully advocates responsible vandalism, adult situations, and all types of nerdy collecting!!! EAST BAY!!

In each pack, you will receive an average of 5-10 stickers!! A few of each variant in stock!!

Oakland based street artist DNGRCT vandal, rabble rouser, punk rocker works primarily in stencils w/ spray paint in his work always alongside wheat pasting his outdoor work. The East Bay troublemaker signature is a stencil image of a snarky cat w/ fangs wearing an eye patch. DNGRCT strives to express empowerment & equality w/ strong anti-authoritarian and deep support of anarchist progressive direct action including vandalism for social change.

#DidYouKnow that DNGRCT is also the co-founder and owner of Destroy Art Inc?

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