Dominic Davi - Art Prints Series 2

Dominic Davi - Art Prints Series 2

Dominic Davi - Art Prints Series 2
Original Digital Illustration Prints
Printed on Matte Stock

Print 1: Gill Man SOLD OUT
Print 2: Yeti - 11" x 17" (2020)
Print 3: Werewolf - 11" x 17" (2020)
Print 4: Triceratops - 11" x 17" (2020)
Print 5: Allosaurus - 11" x 17" (2020)

Dominic Miguel Davi is an American artist and musician from the San Francisco Bay Area most known for his work as the bassist for the punk band, TSUNAMI BOMB and as the host of the music themed podcast 3 GIGS. With a colorful indie-comic and rock poster art influenced style, he’s designed a number of albums, posters, and t-shirts for many notable bands.

Davi’s artwork first came to light when he created the geek punk webcomic THE ROCK N’ ROLL PALACE OF LOVE about the mostly true adventures of the punk rock house he lived in from 2005-2008. In 2015 Davi collaborated with fellow bassist, Joe Escalante of THE VANDALS to create the punk rock themed comic, FEAR OF A PUNK PLANET. Davi released his first solo comic, COME FIND ME in 2016.

When not writing and touring for TSUNAMI BOMB, he is currently working on a limited comic series, BRAMBLE while also managing ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES RECORDS, and co-hosting both the music themed ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES BATCAST and the monster movie themed MONSTER CANDY podcasts.

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