Edward Colver "1984//2020 Jack of TSOL (1981)" 12" X 18" Promo Poster

Edward Colver "1984//2020 Jack of TSOL (1981)" 12" X 18" Promo Poster

Jack Grisham of TSOL. Photograph by Edward Colver (1981)

Paper dimensions: 12" X 18"

This offset poster print is part of a series used for the street art // wheat paste campaign to promote the group art exhibition "Welcome to 1984//2020: Punk in the Western Front" in San Francisco. A romantic, poignant photo of one of punk rock's classic punk vocalists on stage.

Edward Colver has created 20th Century icons with his photos. His interpersonal perspectives and explicit photography from the early Los Angeles punk scene captures the surreal, violent and sometimes irreverent moments that so eloquently document the birth of punk music, fashion, art and lifestyles of Los Angeles subterranean subculture.

His punk photos have been featured on more than 500 album covers and include some of the most recognizable and iconic album art of the late 20th century. His punk rock work has been well documented in the feature film documentary and book entitled American Hardcore.

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