Gregg Deal "Indigenous Flag: Red White & Blue" Print (2019)

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Gregg Deal "Indigenous Flag: Red White & Blue" Print (2019)

Gregg Deal "Indigenous Flag: Red White & Blue" Print (2019)


"There is an intersection of Indigenous communities that serve in the military, and carry a sense of pride with the settler colonialist power structure that is America. This is not meant to belittle or take away from that very real feeling, but is meant to honor the intersection of these things. While the existence of this may contradict the Indigenous struggle, the complexities of military service, Indigeniety and the effort to find a place to fit in the space we occupy now is very real. Indigenous people have more people serving than any other ethnic group or minority per capita, and to abandon this truth is to dishonor those that believe they are serving for the greater good of the United States, and the sacrifice that comes with that. I don’t agree with much of that, but it’s still true within Indigenous communities as it is in other communities of color. The iconography used here are patterns used in baskets and some pottery, something appropriate and recognizable to both Native and non-Native. Using the original United States flag is meant to keep the familiarity of the original flag, keeping in place the familiar colors and layout that exist." - Gregg Deal

Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) is a contemporary artist and activist whose work focuses on Native political issues with a punk rock /street art aesthetic.

Trained as an oil painter, printmaker and graphic designer, Deal’s artwork spans an array of media including visual art, murals, print work, performance art, video, and conceptual art.

He has received multiple accolades in awards, exhibitions, artist residencies & was recently received with an art grant by the Colorado Creative Industries to produce "The Punk Pan- Indian Romantic Comedy," - a performance piece telling the story of modern Indigenous life, identity, social issues & futurism.

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