Matthew Kadi - Series #4 - 11" x 17" Photo Prints

Matthew Kadi - Series #4 - 11" x 17" Photo Prints

Matthew Kadi - Series #4 - 11" x 17" Photo Prints

Printed on Matte Stock
Print Dimensions: 11" x 17"
Signed and Stamped by Artist
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Photo 1. Manic Jump (Cinderblock and Generacion Suicida) in Oakland

Photo 2. Korrosive in Oakland

Photo 3. Nopes, Oakland

Photo 4. PoterOH Sees, Oakland

Photo 5. Sponsor Me (Mob 47), Oakland

Matthew Kadi is a photographer, videographer, designer, avid drummer and one of the pillar figures in the present-day Californian punk scene. Introduced to punk & abstract art in junior high by his teacher, mentor and friend Wendy Brasher, Matthew & friends quickly started the now seminal punk/hardcore band Monster Squad in 1997. Later projects include Great Apes, Build Us Airplanes and Holehog.

In 1998, his Great-grandmother handed down her AE-1. This moment, along with mentor Tom Ray, sparked a lifelong interest in photography. His passion is for capturing honest, spontaneous, intrinsic portraits of punks & people, alongside electrifying moments in various social events & the fun struggles of punk shows.

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