V. Vale - Underground Living Photography Book

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V. Vale - Underground Living Photography Book

V. Vale - Underground Living Photography Book.
Introduction by Rudy Rucker.

V. Vale - legendary author, publisher, songwriter and early Bay Area punk activist - was also a wonderful photographer who captured the very earliest moments of punk rock in San Francisco and moments throughout its' evolution.

In this collection of personal art photographs, Vale narrates each moment brilliantly, giving us an invaluable insight into his life as a champion for the underground. The book includes more than 75 color photos and features photos of early Ramones shows, Henry Rollins, Lydia Lunch, John Waters, Genesis P-Orridge, William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Kathy Acker, Survival Research Labs, and many more!

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