Winston Smith "Barbwire Heart" Original Artwork (2019)

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Winston Smith "Barbwire Heart" Original Artwork (2019)

Winston Smith "Barbwire Heart" Original Artwork (2019)

Dimensions - 16" x 8"
Medium: Barb Wire & Nails on Wood

A testament to endurance and grit in love by Winston Smith - "Barbwire Heart" is 1 of 3 currently available in the Barb Wire series of Winston's original artworks. The poignant piece was featured this year in the "Welcome to 1984//2020: Punk on the Western Front" exhibition in San Francisco.

Winston Smith is the quintessential Punk Surrealist, montage artist and designer most known for creating the Dead Kennedys iconic logo and artwork. He has produced over 50 record covers and is known for his work with Green Day and publications such as The New Yorker, Playboy, Spin Magazine and many more. His intricate collage work imbued with thought-provoking, tongue-in-cheek themes is often made using vintage magazines and photographs. Winston has published multiple books of his collage collections and consistently creates new, powerful, contemporary original compositions.

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